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I am a 2D Motion Designer, Character Animator, and Illustrator. 

Growing up in the Mountain West as the 'black sheep', I found my muse at the age of 6 with an affinity for art escaping into imaginary worlds of illustrated fairytales, toy universes, TV/films, and games.

It's no surprise the above led me to art school where I first studied studio art (drawing & painting) and the beginnings of digital production and a stimulating global introduction with International Studies. If you have the chance to live in another country, I definitely recommend it. Parli Italiano? 


My career has touched many areas from creative production in print, marketing management, and design to tech and studio operations. Arts are my passion and imagination. Let me help you bring yours to life.

When I'm not animating, I'm taking my dog Krumble for a walk, playing with my guitars, making coffee, cooking, or watching something nerdy like a documentary, science show, or something Trekkie.  

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