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Project: The Road Home

This project was a volunteer collaboration charity project with over 30 contributing artists, under the direction of Gantry Creative, a studio in Salt Lake City, promoting a non-profit resource organization for the homeless. Each contributing artist was assigned a specific time segment and VO clip to produce their segment, with no knowledge of what may precede it or follow after. 

01: Concept Development 

All contributing artists were invited to compose and present a case study of their workflow process in a small meetup after the initial pitch to Road Home stakeholders. Here is the sped-up walk-through of my Keynote*.


*Presentation narration was live. There is no audio.

02: Contribution 

It was important for me to communicate that homelessness effects all types of people, regardless of class or creed, but particularly the higher LGBT representation amongst its statistics. All illustration and design was created and composed by yours truly, appearing at 2:19 in the final montage below.

03: Final Montage

The final montage was presented at The Road Home to an audience of philanthropists and community stakeholders at a donor event with acclaimed success. Despite the artists working independently, the individual pieces combined and transitioned into a beautifully composed short, telling the story of homeless, its impact on families, the community, and that help is available. Shout out to Gantry Creative and all participating artists credited on Vimeo.

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